Value Moments Book

Value Moments – Discover what your customers really value - then deliver it.
By Robert M. Keay

Today’s customers have rising and diverse expectations for speed, convenience and quality. Every time a customer touches with your brand this interaction has either a positive or negative influence.

Do you understand which moments in the customer’s experience contributes most in delivering and exceeding customer expectations?

Value Moments offers a new perspective on how customer experiences should be measured, managed and improved. This revolutionary concept will enable organisations to effectively target those Value Moments which deliver the highest impact on customer loyalty and engagement.

Each moment within a customer’s experience is not equal. Value Moments allows organisations to diffuse the current customer experience, segment and analyse the customer interaction points and devise a blueprint that shows which are more significant in heightening the overall customer experience - Value Moments aligns and focuses an organisation’s efforts in the areas that contribute most to a "perfect" customer experience.

Research conducted by award winning consultants has resulted in the development of a quantitative methodology which enables the moments and the value they hold to be determined. Learn how to identify the “Value Moments” within this journey using a comprehensive step-by-step approach and from this, calculate your Value Moments Performance Indicator (VMPI).

Providing a visual epiphany for executives everywhere who can't figure out why they are not exceeding customer expectations, Value Moments is an essential yet practical approach for any organisation to follow in order to exceed customer expectations and drive sustainable customer loyalty.

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