Value Moments - The Concept

"Value Moments" are those customer touch points which act as key factors in creating an impression about the customer service delivery standards of an organisation. These customer interaction 'moments' have either a positive, negative or neutral impact on the customer experience. Identification of these 'moments' of interaction between the organisation and its customer is central to the concept of Value Moments.

Value Moments is a revolutionary concept which offers a new and effective methodology to identify the various aspects of the customer experience which contribute to customer satisfaction. It acts as an instrument to ascertain your customers’ needs and expectations and is a tool which can be used to determine customer retention levels. Adoption and implementation of the Value Moments methodology helps an organisation to obtain necessary, crucial and sought for customer statistics by using a single, reliable, and valid measurement instrument.

Research conducted has resulted in the development of a quantitative methodology which enables the moments and the value they hold to be determined. Learn how to identify the “Value Moments” within this journey using a comprehensive step-by-step VM Process and from this, calculate your Value Moments Performance Indicator (VMPI).

Value Moments aligns and focuses an organisation’s efforts in the areas that contribute most to a "perfect" customer experience. — Robert Keay, founder & author of Value Moments Book

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