Value Moments Consultancy

The Value Moments team offers unique consultancy solutions which includes a combination of conceptual training, and coaching to help organisations in the Value Moments Implementation Process,  all the way from identifying  and weighting the Value Moments till the last stage of developing Action and Improvement Plans.

Through a range of experience in different sectors and industries the Value Moments team is equipped with the knowledge and know-how to assist organisations throughout the Implementation Process which eventually helps in implementing the concept in a timely and easy manner.

Choice of the consulting option in order to implement the concept acts as an advantage for organisations as it provides a greater probability of bringing about organisational change and achieving a sustainable service quality strategy within the shortest possible time.

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Value Moments Book

Value Moments – Discover what your customers really value - then deliver it.
By Robert M. Keay

Providing a visual epiphany for executives everywhere who can't figure out why they are not exceeding customer expectations. Order Now