Customer Experience Process Mapping

A customer experience is the sum of all the individual experiences a customer has with an organisation, over the duration of their relationship with that organisation. The best way to understand a customer experience is through a customer experience map. A customer experience map is created purely from the customer's perspective. It starts from the moment the customer identifies a need and ends when that need is resolved.

Words on their own often lack the desired level of precision or can be unclear in terms of context. By mapping the process we can:

  • → Represent the overall process in the form of its detailed attributes (components)
  • → Break down the process into logical sequential steps
  • → Enhance a manager’s or an organisation’s understanding of services offered
  • → Easily identify the Customer Value Moments
  • → Provide a visual aid to enhance team involvement
  • → Facilitate easy identification of improvement opportunities


Value Moments Mapping Tool - The VM Customer Experience Wall Planner

The purpose of constructing the Value Moments Customer Experience Wall Planner is to obtain a snapshot of the customer experience and to identify, the ‘moments’ which impact the customer experience and the overall Value Moments performance. If constructed in the intended way, it contains all the information in sufficient detail to track improvement opportunities.

Each of the planners has the following consistent streams that managers must complete:

  • → Customer experience, high level
  • → Customer experience, detailed and resources
  • → Attributes
  • → Customer Value Moments Expectations (VMCE)
  • → Customer Value Moments Experience (VME)
  • → Value Moments Performance Indicator (VMPI) results


The wall planner is the best place to start as it can assist organisations to think about the customer experience in a group, or as an individual.  The information from the planner can then be placed into Visio for sharing amongst other colleagues in different locations.  Through Visio the Value Moments can then be easily colour coded according to weights making the analysis more visible and easy to clarify. This also makes it easier to differentiate one VM from another.

View Stage 2: Value Moments Identification